Presto Revolutionizes Testing and Measurement In 2023 With State-of-the-art Testing Equipment

Presto stays in sync with the ongoing tech trends by getting on the bandwagon of Industry 4.0

New Delhi (India), January 27: Across all industries, manufacturing processes are incomplete without seamless testing and measurement. The products manufactured by a brand need to be tested to ensure that they meet the pre-defined quality standards in terms of packaging, sturdiness, resilience, and quality. With more and more players entering the market with their offerings, product testing has become more important than it has ever been.

Considering this need to undertake extensive testing and measurement for products across the board, Presto provides manufacturers with state-of-the-art testing products and services. Established in 1983, Presto allows brands to ensure that the products reaching their customers are nothing short of masterpieces!

Each of Presto’s offerings is designed to meet global standards of quality and material testing. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, the team at Presto helps some of the most established brands worldwide ensure the quality of their products. With the flagship manufacturing unit set up in New Delhi, Presto has multiple manufacturing units across Delhi NCR and offices as well as service centers across India.

The robust testing instruments developed by Presto help businesses test a plethora of different products. Some of the most sought-after Presto offerings include:

  •   Paper and Packaging Testing Instruments
  •   Plastic and Polymer Testing Instruments
  •   Paint, Plating, and Coating Testing Instruments
  •   PET and Preform Testing Instruments
  •   Color Measuring Testing Instruments

Adding to its equipment portfolio, Presto also provides businesses with Environmental Testing Chambers to test their products’ quality and resilience. These chambers create simulations for testing products and their durability with regard to factors like humidity, temperature, altitude, etc.

Owing to its contribution in the realm of testing and measurement, Presto has been awarded the prestigious National Quality Award by the Government of India. The team of almost 200 members strives to provide holistic support to its customers, preventing them from making any quality compromises with its products.

Staying in tune with the ongoing tech trends worldwide, Presto manufactures technically advanced testing instruments according to Industry 4.0. The latest trend in the testing equipment sector involves the equipment being connected through a centralized system via LAN. This makes all test results and assessments accessible to all stakeholders, irrespective of their location. By bringing everyone on the same page, Industry 4.0 streamlines manufacturing and monitoring processes across the board.

Vishal Malhotra, the Managing Director of Presto, upholds the philosophy – ‘Customer is King’. He says, “Irrespective of the industry you operate in, the customers shall always be the king! The core of our initiative (Presto) is to help some of the most noted brands across the world provide high-quality products to their customers. While manufacturing our testing equipment, we apply the same mantra to our business model as well! At the end of the day, it is all about providing quality offerings to the customers who bestow their trust on you.”

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