BuilditIndia: Revolutionizing Construction Technology with Innovation and Excellence

  1. Are there any facets/features about the company that you want us to add or highlight all through the article?

BuilditIndia, a trailblazing name in the construction technology landscape, was honored to be recognized as one of the ’10 Best Construction Tech Startups-2023′. This accolade underscores our commitment to reshaping the industry through our unique products, services, and unwavering dedication to excellence. In this article, we delve into our journey, values, offerings, and future aspirations.

We would appreciate emphasizing our customer-centric approach, our relentless pursuit of innovation, and our passion for leveraging cutting- edge technology to drive the construction sector forward.

At the heart of BuilditIndia’s success story is its relentless pursuit of innovation, coupled with a customer-centric approach. This dynamic ethos is driving the construction industry into an era where technology and collaboration reign supreme. The organization’s ability to blend cutting-edge technology with industry-specific solutions is a driving force that sets it apart.

2. How long the company has been in this industry? Briefly explain the inception story of your company?

BuilditIndia embarked on its journey in 2021 when a group of passionate individuals came together with a vision to revolutionize the construction industry. Fuelled by a desire to bridge the gap between traditional practices and modern technology, they embarked on a mission to transform the way construction projects are executed.

Our founders (Mr. Akassh Patel & Mr. Nilesh Bhalala), , veterans in both architecture/construction and technology, recognized the potential of

digitizing the construction materials procurement process for greater efficiency and sustainability.

BuilditIndia wants to create the largest integrated B2B building materials ecosystem of Tech, Commerce & Finance in next 5 years.

Problem solving statement: On the customer side, we aim to address concerns around pricing transparency, unreliable quality, fragmented vendor base and inefficient logistics. On the manufacturer’s side, we are ensuring higher capacity utilization, a steady demand and better customer reach.

3. Sketch out the company’s core values, vision and mission. What are the strategies leveraged to gain customers validation for your products and services?

Our core values are innovation, collaboration, and customer empowerment. Our vision is to lead a technology-driven revolution in the construction materials domain. Our mission is to provide architects, builders, and stakeholders with groundbreaking tools and solutions that streamline materials procurement processes and elevate results. We gain customer validation through regular feedback loops, iterative improvements, and a user-centered design approach.

Our mission is to empower businesses by

Leveraging technology for easy, efficient & speedy procurement of raw materials at rock bottom prices.

Leveraging economies of scale by aggregating demands of SMBs and thus enabling them to grow and compete with their large counterparts.

4. How do you plan to sustain your competitive advantage? What are some of the factors that make your products and services better than other enterprises in the market? Explain your USP.

Our competitive advantage is sustained by continuous innovation and the ability to adapt to evolving industry needs. Our products and services stand out due to their user-friendliness, integration of cutting- edge technology, and focus on solving real-world challenges in construction.

BuilditIndia is a B2B platform that aims to connect businesses in India with suppliers and service providers. The company was established in 2021 and has quickly gained traction in the market. BuilditIndia offers a wide range of products and services, including building materials, logistics solutions, and professional services. The platform operates on a margin-based model, providing businesses with a convenient and cost-effective way to source their requirements.


Growing market presence and brand recognition

Diverse product and service offerings

Margin-based model provides stable revenue stream

Strong network of suppliers and service providers

User-friendly interface and intuitive platform design Points of Differentiation:

BuilditIndia’s user-friendly interface and intuitive platform design set it apart from some competitors.

The diverse range of products and services offered by BuilditIndia gives it a competitive advantage.

BuilditIndia’s focus on local suppliers and service providers in India may appeal to businesses seeking domestic partnerships.

5. Tell us about the various products and services that your company offers, along with emphasis on your flagship offerings. How do you ensure to maintain quality and effectiveness of your products and services?

BuilditIndia offers a range of products and services including:

  • Building materials procurement: Our flagship product is to provide easy & hassle free experience to all stakeholders for buying all kinds of building materials through technology. We use reverse bidding proprietary algorithm to get the best prices our of all brands listed on the platform.
  • Architectural Design Software: Our flagship offering empowers architects with intuitive design tools backed by AI, enabling faster, more accurate design creation.
  • Construction Project Management Platform: A comprehensive platform that streamlines project planning, resource allocation, and progress tracking.
  • Materials Efficiency Analytics: A data-driven tool that helps optimize material usage and reduce waste.

We maintain quality through rigorous testing, continuous updates, and adherence to industry standards.

6. Explain how BuilditIndia is leveraging technology to enhance the experience of architectural design and production?

Our technology integration enhances architectural design by automating repetitive tasks, enabling rapid prototyping, and providing insights for better decision-making. It speeds up design iterations and fosters creativity.

Our B2B material procurement platform simplifies procurement for all kinds of construction projects across all stakeholders be it developer, retailer, manufacturer, SMEs or contractors.

BuilditIndia can address these pain points through various solutions and features of the platform, such as:

  • Vast Supplier Network: Offering an extensive network of reliable suppliers and service providers across different industries and categories.
  • Advanced Search and Filter Options: Providing a user-friendly search interface that allows businesses to quickly find and compare products and services based on their specific requirements.
  • Streamlined Procurement Process: Simplifying the procurement process by integrating tools for request for quotations (RFQs), automated order management, and secure payment systems.

Transparent Information: Ensuring transparency by providing comprehensive product information, pricing details and ratings.

7. How effectively you are serving all the channels of B2B using the latest technologies?

We serve B2B channels through an integrated approach, offering tools that aid in collaborative design, project management, and resource allocation. Our cloud-based solutions ensure seamless communication and data sharing among stakeholders.

Buyers typically gain easy access to a wider marketplace at competitive prices, a diverse assortment of trusted brands to choose from, credit facilities and timely doorstep deliveries. At present, BuildItIndia caters to over 90 projects and has over 50+ reliable & competitive suppliers in Ahmedabad & Gandhinagar region.

Collaborations with various stakeholders can significantly impact BuilditIndia’s success. Key collaborators include suppliers, service providers, logistics partners, and financial institutions.

Suppliers and service providers: Building and maintaining strong relationships with reliable suppliers and service providers are crucial to ensure a wide range of products and services are available on the platform.

Logistics partners: Establishing partnerships with reputable logistics companies is essential for efficient order fulfilment and timely delivery.

Financial institutions: Collaborating with financial institutions can provide payment solutions and financing options for businesses using the platform.

8. Tell us about the core team behind BuilditIndia. What are their various areas of expertise that have helped the company to solidify its presence in this unique segment?

BuildItIndia is founded by serial entrepreneurs Akassh Patel & Nilesh Bhalala both having 30+ years of cumulative experience in B2B Trade, Construction project life cycle, Technology & scaling of ventures.

9. Which path you follow for knowing the feedbacks from your valuable customers? How customized business trends have increased your sales in these years?

We gather feedback through surveys, user analytics, and direct interactions. Customized business trends are identified through data analysis, helping us tailor our solutions to evolving customer demands.

10. Elaborate more about BuilditIndia model. Is this unique idea adding-up to the market value of Construction Industry?

Our unique approach of integrating technology into the construction process adds substantial value to the industry. By optimizing efficiency, reducing errors, and fostering collaboration, we contribute to overall growth and sustainability.

11. As a young startup, what experiences do you have in this field? Unfold some of the critical challenges encountered by BuilditIndia in the initial journey and how did you overcome those challenges?

In our initial journey, challenges included resistance to change from traditional practices and technical integration hurdles. We overcame these by providing comprehensive training, demonstrating tangible benefits, and ensuring seamless integration with existing workflows.

12. What are your goals for the future? Are you coming up with new strategies, new techniques, new ideas, new services, and new geographies to expand your current portfolio? Share your futuristic plans and agenda to grow further?

Our future goals encompass expanding our offerings to encompass smart building technologies, exploring global markets, and fostering partnerships with industry giants. We will continue to innovate, incorporating AI, IoT, and sustainable practices to further revolutionize construction technology.

In conclusion, BuilditIndia’s journey is a testament to innovation, perseverance, and the transformative power of technology in construction. Our products, services, and visionary approach are set to shape the future of the industry, ushering in a new era of efficiency and sustainability.

BuilditIndia is poised to revolutionize the construction and real estate industry by providing a robust and user-friendly platform that simplifies procurement processes and enhances business efficiency. With our extensive supplier network, seamless procurement experience, and emphasis on collaboration and communication, we are well-positioned to become the leading B2B platform in the industry. By executing our marketing strategies, focusing on customer satisfaction, and continuously innovating our services, we are confident in our ability to achieve our goals and drive the growth of BuilditIndia in the years to come.

BuilditIndia have done the business worth 75 Cr. till date through the platform & targeting 100 Cr. in next 12 months.

Recently Builditindia was awarded “Emerging Start-up in B2B ProcureTech & commerce” by Times of India during Times Business Awards held in Surat on 16th June, 2024

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